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Travelonly with Xcursions

Travelonly with Xcursions

Why a Travel Agent

Top Ten Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

1. PERSONALIZED SERVICE – Travel agents are your neighbors, and they want to build a relationship with you and learn what you want, and what you value in a travel experience

2. TIME –There is so much information out there, but where do you start. Travel agents can do the research for you and save you hours of your valuable time.

3. CONVENIENCE – Travel agents save you time and money by handling every aspect of your trip, including flights, car rentals, accommodations, activities, and even insurance.

4. TRUST – Travel agents are not some anonymous web site or phone number. They are local businesses, and you know how to reach us when you need us.

5. VALUE – A good travel agent will present you with options, inform you of special promotions, and advise you of the quality of a specific product

6. EXPERT GUIDANCE – The amount of travel information can be overwhelming, and your agent can help by clarifying the small print, and interpreting the latest promotions for you.

7. UNBIASED INFORMATION – Travel agents work for you, not the travel supplier. That way, they ensure that you get the best value for your money, and that you are satisfied with your travel experience.

8. ENHANCE TRIP WITH EXTRA BENEFITS – With their buying power and knowledge of the industry, travel agents can often find some extra perks for their clients.

9. CHOICE – A travel agent has access to many different suppliers, and can offer you an almost unlimited array of options for your vacation.

10. TICO – the Travel Industry Council of Ontario protects travel you when you book with a Travel Agent in Ontario. This means agents have high service standards, and there is recourse if an issue comes up. It also means that you are protected financially in the case of an airline or other supplier going out of business.

Home-based Agents: Home-based agents continue to be the new, preferred way to book travel. In fact in the United States, Home-based agents now considerably out-number store front agencies. Travel companies have taken notice of this trend, gearing much of their promotion and training toward home-based agents.

Here’s why you should consider a home-based agent:

  • Service
  • Flexibility
  • Availability
  • Accountability

Courtesy of Kevin Visser, CTC